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Welcome to WSS Internet Access.
Here at WaterSkier Software, we are a caring, sharing bunch. Once we had our dedicated link to the internet, we enjoyed the superb speed it offered. This is when we started thinking of you. Yes, you, the one with only a 28.8k connection. 'But what could we do about it?' we asked. Then it came to us. We could become a service provider for the local community and surrounding areas, giving fast access to the internet for a minimal charge. So that is exactly what we did.

Since then we have gone on to be able to provide internet access to the entire contry using our local rate 0845 number. We have the fastest 56K modem technolegy and ISDN access at 64k ot 128k.

We are now offering internet access with the following:
  • 56K Modems on all lines.
  • 64K or 128K ISDN lines.
  • NO On-Line charges - unlimmited access.
  • 2 Email accounts with as many aliases as you like.
  • Up to 2Mb of Web space for your own Home Page.

This is all provided Free of charge (local rate BT charges apply)

If you would like to Sign-up to use our service, or if you just require more information, please click here to create a dialup account.

We also supply highspeed ADSL/Broadband Internet Access
  • Monthly subscription, no 12 month contract.
  • All inclusive monthly cost starting from 26.50 inc VAT.
  • Choice of Business Class (20:1) or home user (50:1) contention ratios.
  • Choice if 512kbps, 1Mbps or 2mbps depending upon line length/quality.
  • Choice of Modem, 1 or 4 port routers to suite you requirements.
  • Self install. Complete instructions and pre-configured.
  • 24 hour support line to get you going fast.