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Welcome to WSS Internet Access Support Page.
This page will periodically be updated with questions and answers that you ask us. If you have a question that you would like answering please send an E-Mail.

Q.I would like use my Web Space but can not find my page. Where is it and what do I need to see it.
A.To save administration time, WSS Internet do not automatically setup your web space. To get it set up just send an Email to Support@WSkiSoft.co.uk asking for your vertual web server to be set up. It normally only takes a day or two to set the default web page up and provide access to your web directory via FTP.

Q.I would like to build my own web page but do not know HTML. Where can I find help on what the code words in my web page mean.
A.On WSS IA's FTP server in the HTML_Editor directory there is a Windows help file which contains most of the useful HTML tags with descriptions of the attributs of the tag and the syntax.

Q.When I start Internet Explorer I get a blank screen, not the WSS Internet Access start page. Why?
A.There seems to be a small problem with this release of Internet Explorer. Occasionally it forgets to load the start page once it has loaded it self. To correct this problem type the following 'www.wskisoft.co.uk/ispuser/' into the address line and press enter. Once the page has loaded click on 'View' on the menu bar and click on 'Options'. Select the 'Navigation' tab and check that the 'Page' line shows 'Start Page'. Click the use current button. This will have reset the start page that Internet Explorer is to load on start up.

Q.I can get my Windows95 PC to dial and connect and once connected I can get to the start page and collect and send mail but I can not get to any other sites. Why?
A.This problem usually occurs after the PC has crashed. Open the 'My Computer' icon and then open the 'Dial-up Networking icon. Right click on the 'WSS Internet Access' icon and select 'Properties' from the menu. At the bottom of the window there is a 'Server Type' button, click it and then click the 'TCP/IP Settings' button on the window displayed. At the botom of that window there is a check box titles 'Use default gateway on remote network'. This should be checked. Also check that 'server assigned IP Address' and 'Server assigned name server address' are both selected. If this does not correct the problem please either Email or phone support.

Q.I have reloaded my PC and reinstalled the internet software but Mail and News are asking for the names of my POP3/SMTP and News server. What are they?
A.The Mail and News servers are as follows:

Mail - POP3 and SMPT servers are both MAIL.WSKISOFT.CO.UK
News - The News server is NEWS.WSKISOFT.CO.UK