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Having PC Problems or Need an Upgrade

Does your PC need an upgrade?

Do you have problems with your PC?

Do you have software or Hardware you would like help to install and configure?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, WSS Support Service can help you.

We offer a completely custom service to sort out any problems you have with your PC.
We can fix hardware and software problems on any make of PC.
We can upgrade your PC's Memory, Hard Disk, Graphics card or just about any other part of the system.
If you have bought software or hardware but are not sure how to install or configure it, we can help.
We can upgrade your Windows 3.1x system to Windows95.

We will even estimate the cost before we start any work.

WSS Support Service does not charge for call out. We charge GBP18.00 per Hour (on site) to a maximum of GBP90.00 (5 hours). If the problem has still not been fixed, it then becomes a matter of pride (engineer against machine).

For hardware upgrades, we prefer to take the machine away to our service centre, where once upgraded we can test the system before returning it to you. Upgrades are on a fixed price and are not charged by the hour.
Any hardware or software supplied by WSS Support Service will be charged at current retail prices, or if you prefer, you can supply the hardware/software to be installed.

For more information either Email us at Support@WSkiSoft.co.uk or call on 01793 420764 (If there is no one available, please leave a message).